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The Story Behind All Those Flowers on My Instagram

I'm obsessed with flowers. They're my hobby! I post so many pictures of flowers on Insta and know you guys are curious who is sending me all these pretty bulbs!!! Read on to see how these bouquets came into my life.

Valentine's Day

This bouquet was from Valentine's Day. Don't get too excited! I didn't have a Valentine this year so this company sent me flowers, LOL! I was like, "Thank god!" They were my only Valentine, but I'm not complaining. They were so beautiful.

A Family Affair

These three bouquets are so dope and unique!!! I got these the day that "Kocktails with Khloé" premiered. They're from Kim and Kanye, and from my sweet mom. Thanks fam!

Treating Myself

I bought this bouquet for myself!!! I was cutting the stems down in my kitchen and thought they looked pretty on the counter. I'm sad to report: Most of my flowers are NOT sent to me and I buy them for myself, LOL! It doesn't matter though because they're from me to me! I love flowers. It's an expensive hobby, but it's my thing and they make me happy.

Flower Market Bouquets

I have a florist who does my flowers, but I also go to the flower mart every Saturday morning. You'll notice that most of my flower posts are on Saturdays. This picture is of one of the beautiful bouquets I happen to walk by while I was at the flower mart. It's my happy place!